Two days after first chemo – Jessee

Happy New Years Eve!  This is two days after the first chemo treatment.  Feeling very happy today as last night Jessee had slightly soft stools so was getting concerned.  Added a bit of natural pumpkin to her dinner and firmed it right up, YAY.

Incision is healing really well and fur is growing back.  She is so alert and happy and just wants to be a part of everything.  It really is a totally different atmosphere in the house and in my heart than it’s been the past three weeks.

I love this group, the support and the knowledge that you can get here is amazing.  The oncologist praised us for making the decision to amputate so quickly, but without researching here and previsouly having a tripawd it might have been harder to do.  It certainly was the right decision for Jessee without a doubt.  She is such a happy girl again.  Stay safe everyone

3 thoughts on “Two days after first chemo – Jessee”

    1. Hi Thank you for the Hooray!
      Jessee is 125 lbs right now and we are way out on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington state.

      Thanks for the offer, she’s never been very good at sitting in something. We will most likely stick to short walks but sure appreciate the offer!

  1. Lee Ann, very sweet of you to offer the help. Oreo will always be remembered here❤❤

    JESSEE!!! Thrilled to, not only hear how well you are doing, but how well your hoomans are doing!!! Yoj definitely made the right decision..and it still gets better!!.Those pictures just melt my heart. Gorgeous, regal and gorgeous!!
    Keep these good updates coming!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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