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Getting in the holiday spirit

We’ve had some very good days lately. Taking short walks on the grass, eating grass, barking at nothing in particular, good naps, good appetites, lots of love, just plain old good days. We get an accupuncture treatment tomorrow and see oncologist for X-rays and bloodwork on Dec 1st. In the meantime, we are enjoying life, although it’s a bit chilly up here.

After our little walk, Jessee decided to plop down in a nest of pine needles and just gaze about. Jaymee decided to stand guard over his big sister and protect her from whatever. Fingers crossed for good xray and bloodwork this week..

Grazing in the grass

So yesterday before the rains started Jessee needed to do a little grazing in the grass. This is one of her favorite things to do is to walk around this green belt area behind our house and then much a bit here and there. Hey, whatever makes the girl happy. She loves this grass in the spring when it’s fresh and sweet but she still munches in the Fall. We do two loops and that’s it. Such a Happy Thanksgiving having her with us almost two years after going the TRIPAWD community.

Did we say 23 MONTHS!!!!

It has been a pretty darn good week for my cancer warrior Jessee. We had another appt with our vet, Dr. Allen for a wet accupuncture treatment that went really well. Jessee just lays on a big cushion and lets those needles do their magic on her legs and spine. She is still maintaining her svelte 110 lbs with a good appetite. Last night was oral chemo #70. Still tolerating that really well. Having a few old lady age issues with our legs and the cold but otherwise life is still pretty darn fine. Dr. Allen and everyone who sees Jessee is just in awe of her hitting the 23 month goal and we are hoping we see the 2 Year anniversary this coming month. No reason to think we won’t. We are going to continue with the every two weeks accupuncture as it certainly seems to be working for Jessee and as a special bonus we get a little extra love session with our vet who does an overall check on her :). Jessee is clear eyed, engaged, alert, active, demanding, loving, well… she’s Jessee at the ripe old age of ten plus 3 months.

Update with new photos! A tripawd large right foot only shirt courtesy of Jessee!

Just for reference of size.  Here are the shirts on Jessee, she is at

108lbs right here ūüôā

Hi. ¬†Had two of these shirts made a year plus ago. ¬†Jessee wore it once. ¬†It is not to keep warm but more of a comfort shirt and to stop licking etc. ¬†It’s made out of very light stretch swimsuit type fabric. Easy to put on and to take off. ¬†It was custom made for my 110 lb dane, that’s post op. ¬†Before amputation she was 125 lbs just to give you an idea of the fit. ¬†These are a little snug under her remaining front leg. ¬†The colors in my photos do not do it justice. ¬†It’s cute

Sky blue sleeves, and lavender and blue sea creatures.  Will be listing this in the angel exchange section of Tripawds for anyone interested and I will find the second one!!!!

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