Good days continue for Jessee

Greetings to whoever is out there!  The time is passing so very quickly.  Hard to imagine that Jessee became a tripawd almost ten months ago.  Jessee continues to do really well.  We are stating her on Adequan for her arthritis discomfort and we switched from Gabapaten to Amatadine for minor pain (arthritis).  She absolutely adores laying on her front porch with a beef cheek between her paws, overseeing anything on the street beyond.  Numerous visitors stop by to say hello to the big diva.  We’ve had a strange situation up her in the Pacific Northwest.  Our oncologist left the practice that had treated Jessee and there are no other oncologists within hours of us.  Additionally most vets in Seattle are not accepting new patients so it leaves a  huge hole for pet owners.  At nine years old we’ve made the decision to keep Jessee happy and comfortable and maintain the best life for her.  Our local vet is amazing.  She is the one who diagnosed Jessee last December and got us on our path to becoming a tripawd and pain free.  But in reality, Jessee is nine and she has arthritis in her right rear leg and possibly an old injury of some sort.  Being a tripawd is taking a toll on her also.  Jessee is very alert and engaged, has a crazy appetitie and is and loving life.  She still runs after birds and jumps up on the bed.  But, because of the vet situation and Jessees age we are just going to live in the moment with her and enjoy each terrific day we have.  She has given us so many more than we thought possible last December.