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Do I hear 25 MONTHS!!!!!

So on the 15th of the month we celebrated and I mean celebrated 25 months as a tripawd. Still I am absolutely grateful for every single day we are getting with my Diva Dane Cancer Warrior Jessee!

We celebrated with sniffing some pine limbs that I know smelled like squirrel and birds. Next checking out the sky, barking at the UPS and Amazon drivers and a great big Red Barn non rawhide chew. Life is good

Starting with last vet appointment with some new accupuncture!

Lucky us our Vet us pursuing additional education/training/practice in accupuncture through UCDavis. Each treatment Jessee is receiving is become much more involved. This last one was with needles placed on the kidney meridian. Feeling so lucky!!!

And of course the resident goofball that keeps us all laughing. Joee

Jessee under the Rainbow

So we got out for a bit the last few days to get Jessee moving about. She loves the short little walks. Not too long, not too short, just right for my diva girl.

Couldn’t resist when I saw the rainbow in the background to grab this quick photo of her. Jessee has not had a terrific week this week. New Years eve she decided she was not going to pee like ALL DAY. Fortunately I was able to talk to my vet and we decided to postphone the chemo until she was drinking and urinating again. I was slowly squirting water from a baster into her mouth. I think she liked the attention to be honest. Late that night she went out and took a big Great Dane size pee, all good! She then started drinking again and all is well. Her rear leg is starting to act up a bit. Been doing some laser treatments, some Assi loop treatments and massage. But I think it’s just starting to get a bit weaker. We go in to see our vet on Monday for an accupuncture and a general wellness look see. Appetite still great. We’ve really added a lot of fluid to her meals to keep her well hydrated and she licks the bowl!

Just in case anyone needed a smile from a sphynx curled up in a ball..

Joee is willing to accomodate…..

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