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The one and only by popular demand :)

Day after chemo # 28!  Feeling just fine thank you very much.  Jessee absolutely loves laying on the porch, watching and listening with her no rawhide chew bone.

Until there is a noise, then gotta check it out

And I’m sure it needs a good WOOF

Loving my daddy and hey tongue out Thursday!

Showing mom my beautiful brown eyes…

Then back to business with my chew.  Love licking off that peanut butter coating…

Just a quick update on Jessee

Jessee had a accupuncture treatment yesterday with her vet, Dr. Allen.  She always gets a very thorough check over before each treatment.  She continues to maintain her weight at 108.5 which includes her tripawd harness for some assisting and guiding (not much) mainly on stairs into the car.  Dr. Allen said she looks fantastic.  Muscles good and supple and good strength.  No swelling in front paw.  Jessee just kind of lounges on a thick memory foam pad that we donated to our vet that she seems to recognize.  Very patiently lays there while her needles are inserted and she just chills out.  She’s a great patient.  Jessee has had some more anxiety issues late at night where she pants and we don’t seem to be able to comfort her much.  Happens maybe twice a week.  After careful review of her meds and oncology treatment protocol Dr. Allen suggested that we put her back on a nightly dose of Gabapanten.   She tolerates that very well and it’s usually what we give her to calm her down during these episodes.  She took one last night and slept through the entire night very peacefully.  And again, this morning ate a full breakfast as usual. We lost a very dear FB friend, Lady Darla this morning.  She was 12.5 years old.  Jessee has been getting even more hugs today than usual.  Just living like a dog with her, being in the moment and enjoying each and every one.

This is a double ta da posting..

First tada!  Jessee celebrated 20 months as a tripawd yesterday and she did it in style with treats, and barking at the birds and the clouds and anything else that crossed her domain!

Second tada!  Jaymee her “brother” turned nine today!

and finally sharing a photo of our hairless brothers Joee and Jonesee getting a bath to make everyone smile

We are incredibly proud of Jessee.  She continues to inspire us and to just enjoy her life.  Tonight she is getting oral chemo treatment number 24.  Her X-rays this past Thursday with the oncologist showed no spreading of the nodule and it is staying the same size.  Ever onward!

WOO HOO Happy Birthday to Me – I’m TEN

So the day before my birthday mom decided I needed a fresh birthday bath.  We got buckets of nice warm water and a super nice shampoo and I got brushed and scrubbed and rinsed and I had my fill of my and her bath routine so I turned my back on her.. lol

However, I  then decided as usual I would “dig” my hole to China on my elevated bed.  Mom is trying to figure out how to upload the video of how graceful I look on three legs digging on an elevated bed.

After my bath it was time for a big heaping pile of organic romaine lettuce which is my favorite snack of all time.But the real humiliation was the purple birthday hat I got tricked into wearing.  Of course all my birthday treats more than made up for it.  My doggie ice cream and my freeze dried duck necks and turkey hearts etc.  Mom knows what I like.  I had a really good birthday and did chemo treatment number 17 nice and easy.  My birthday cake will happen over the weekend since Jaymee’s birthday is on the 16th.  But that video is coming cause it’s amazing to see what I can still do.  Loving life large as a tripawd of 105 lbs, 19 months into this journey and a whooping ten years of age!!!

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