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Two weeks after latest procedure

Greetings everyone!  Today is two weeks and two days after the last procedure Jessee had to remove the spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma.  And, drum roll please… she is healing up really wellWe are taking two short walks everyday to build up those rear leg muscles a bit. So nothing like a nice walk after the morning rain in the spring grass behind our house.  Easy access for me and mom and dad can keep watch for any dogs I might decide I want to try and chase. It’s my area and everyone needs to recognize that, lol. Seriously, Jessee is just doing fabulous.  We see Dr. Rizzo tomorrow for the post op check but anticipate no issues.  Her appetite is roaring strong as always.  I may have to go back to work to maintain this oncology diet for two Danes.  We go through about 6.5 lbs of it a day between the two of them :).  Just kidding but with prices these days it does add up!  She is now 15 months as a tripawd and a second cancer survivor.  She continues to amaze me everyday and even though I sleep in a S position to accommodate her, wouldn’t change it….

And the Tripawd Cancer Warrior does it again!!!

Well the headline there says it all.  It’s been a week and a day since surgery to remove that nasty, ugly, spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma.  And this morning we just got the email from our oncologist Dr. Rizzo who said the margins are clear with no further treatment recommended.  Before the surger we were prepared to not do anything.  Thinking Jessee is 9.5 now and it would be too much for her.  But Jessee now doesn’t have to worry about that ugly mass on her side erupting or it spreading and affecting the rest of her happy carefree days that she continues to enjoy!  We are all doing a happy dance right now and celebrating with what else but a beef cheek cause that’s the fab right now for the fur babies.  Our pet insurance has continued to provide Jessee with excellent coverage and we are just so pleased I can hardly describe the feeling.  As always I’m closing this with numerous pictures of my special Tripawd Diva Dane Cancer Warrior..

Caught her in a mid shake 🙂

This is the incision yesterday morning. It’s beef cheek time wherever you want to eat it kids!!!

The Diva Dane Tripawd cancer warrior is back!

Drum roll please……  The Diva Dane Tripawd cancer warrior is back!!

At the crack of dawn on Monday mom and dad drove me and my “brother” Jaymee to Willow Tree Animal hospital for my latest procedure.  Mom was scared, I was not.  I know how strong and brave I am.  Mom is a worry wart.  She hated leaving me there but could tell I was immediately in great hands by the way everyone greeted me.  Of course mom had to call FIVE times pri0r to my surgery to make sure I was doing ok.  I was getting ear scratches and head rubs and making friends.  When the surgeon called mom prior to the procedure he told her he has a special place in his heart for Great Danes.  He had one that served as his best man at his wedding.  At that time mom knew it was all going to be ok.  The doctor reviewed with mom the procedure and how he was hopeful to get all that nasty cancer stuff out of my body and promised mom to take extra special care of me during anesthesia and surgery.  About an hour and a half later the call came to mom.  I did just fine.  I handled the anesthesia really well.  Woke up quickly and was getting ready to come home.  The doctor told me he feels pretty confident they were able to get it all with some nice clear margins.  Of course we have to wait for the labs to come back in a few days.  I have a whopper of an incision but I’m a quick healer and no external stitches.  Mom and dad raced over to get me as quickly as possible.   Since I was famished from not eating since the night before I was treated to a plain McDonalds hamburger (I get no junk food or people food) but mom makes an exception on surgery or treatment days.  I’m not thrilled about being kept off the bed and off the couch.  My two favorite places to cuddle and stretch out but I’ll survive for the next two weeks.  I’m on a few meds to keep my comfortable but I’m eating just fine, walking, moving around good, alert and pretty comfortable.  Mom is feeling sooooo much better.  The surgeon told mom that spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma sort of exploded in his hands.  Really odd and I’m glad it’s not in me anymore :). Below are some pictures of me getting ready to leave and today with my beef cheek.

Getting ready to leave at 5:45AM

We brought my “brother” Jaymee for support on the trip over.

it’s not as bad as it looks.  I’m not in any pain and feeling good.  I like to keep my soft fuzzy fleece on and I do not have to wear a cone.And just like that it’s beef cheek time again.  Mom promised I can have one a day if I want forever.  We see Dr. Rizzo our oncologist in two weeks for our follow up and review of treatment protocol.  Possible Toragen vaccine.

Another exciting update

Well having a Great Dane does keep things interesting that’s for sure.  We’ve been monitoring that weird little growth Jessee had on her side for the past year.  It’s been biopsied and checked and rechecked in the past.  However, it changed recently.  Our vet did a needle biopsy on it and off it went to the lab.  Came back as spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma.  What?  Of course I freaked out.  Weighed options.  Got very valuable input from Tripawds, and of course our Oncologist Dr. Rizzo.  Monday morning Jessee will be having it removed and a sample will go out to Torajen to see if we can get another vaccine produced to stop this from coming back.  We put lots of thought into this with Jessee being 9.5.  However, she is active, she is alert, she has not given up and her lungs are clear and blood work is good.  The fight is not over!   This surgery is nothing compared to the amputation she went through in December 2020.  She totally has this and I know she’s looking forward to having this nasty thing gone.  Posting a few photos here to show what it looks like.  I am so glad we have been monitoring this growth.  If it gets too large Dr Rizzo said you wouldn’t be able to remove it.  So please wish her well, maybe send a little positive thought her way. In the meantime here is the nasty ugly mass and Jessee enjoying a beef cheek in the sunshine today. The growth did not look like this until after the biopsy, then it poofed up.  This last one is Joee and Jessee.  I did not know a sphynx and a dane could be such cuddle buddies 🙂

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