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Greetings from the Tripawd Diva Dane.     The weather finally cleared up and warmed up a bit so we got the pack into the car and out for some day trips, cause after all who doesn’t like traveling and sight seeing.  This is Jaymee and Jessee with the dad at the hood canal.  Nothing better than sniffing seaweed and peeing on the rocks 🙂

And last week we headed over for a romp around Lake Leland.  Just a little lake but some exercise and no problem walking on that grate which mom was worried about!

When we got home I was not to tired to jump up on the daybed which I’m not supposed to do but I like to do anyway!

Jessee continues to do really well.  That is not a torn and tattered shirt the diva is wearing.  But a double fleece we found that she adores but it’s too tight around the arm, so we quickly modified it so she’s comfortable.  That’s what counts right?   Jessee continues to do really well.  She’s very active (considering), very alert, eats like a horse, takes her meds and is just enjoying life.  Noticing some decline in her rear legs at 9.5 so we are doing more massages and will look into acupuncture to possible help with that.  Hope my Diva Dane continues to inspire other big dog owners that are not sure if amputation is the right decision.  It is!!!  We’ve had an additional 13 months now and counting…  Love this girl soooo much.

Well this was a pleasant surprise

Greetings.  Yesterday was a scary day.  Jessee has a spot on her side that had swollen up again.  Dr. Allen checked it out and it is a benign cyst.  Probably from use of harness after her amputation a year ago.  After being reassured by Dr. Allen, Jessee put on a bit of a show and laid down in the middle of the floor of the exam room and just completely relaxed. Dr. Allen spent about 15 minutes with her talking to her and massaging her.  Jessee just loved it.  How did we get so lucky too find Dr. Allen!  then today a new place opened here in Sequim, WA. Sonny’s Spaw self wash for dogs.  Jaymee went in yesterday and it was a great experience.  Jessee went into today after the vet check yesterday.  She loved it.  This. is actually the first real bath she’s had since becoming a tripawd as she will not get into a bath tub.  She’s had sponge baths but nothing like this.  Mary, the owner, also did her nails.  Sharing a few photos to show how great it was.  She is also maintaining her weight of 107-108 and feeling good.After nail trim, kisses for Mary.Jaymee loves his bath too.  Just amazing with elevating bathing tubs and elevating drying tables.  Clean kids.  Jessee got lots of love and attention from everyone in the parking lot and the customers.  She is such a Diva.

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