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Afternoon romaine snack

Getting ready for our second treatment of Toragen tomorrow.  Jessee continues to do really well.   She loves her afternoon snack of a head of romaine lettuce, organic of course 🙂  She’s maintaining her 105-106 lbs on her three pounds of special diet per day, plus pumpkin, Ellevet, 5 Defenders Mushrooms caps, 1 gabapaten at night and a herb prescribed by her rehab vet, Dr Finn, concentrated Wei Qi Booster.  She gobbles it all up and now eats the ElleVet directly like a snack 🙂  My granddaughter (28) is coming to spend two weeks with us in July and Jessee and her have a very special relationship.  Should be a good time for all.

First Torigen vaccine

Well today was the BIG day.  Jessee’s first Torigen vaccine.  This is the vaccine that was prepared from her cancer cells.  They were harvested during the amputation procedure and shipped overnight to the vaccine maker.  She had to complete chemo before beginning this phase.  It consists of three shots.  One each week for the next three weeks.  The goal is to boost her immune system to fight any sign of the cancer returning.  Fingers crossed.  She had no reaction to the vaccine and it was just a small injection in the back of her neck.  Jaymee (left) went along as her support dog 🙂

She continues to do really well.  We are maintaining 105-106 lbs and every doctor says she looks great.  I would like to see a bit more meat on her bones but I understand this is much better for her joints so we are following the oncology diet and her doctor’s advice 🙂

Bottom photo is after vaccine and a little treat 🙂

Chemo – check – all done!

Hello world!

Sunday April 25th was Jessee’s final chemo treatment # 6 – over and done.  Yippee.  Dr. Rizzo and the oncology nurse delivered Jessee to the car with her graduation hat!  Isn’t that just outstanding.  She is not a big fan of hats but does tolerate them.  So while she doesnt’t look too enthused she put up with the two photos.  Jessee did really well with this treatment with very little side effects.  Mainly just zapped out.  But no shaking and no other visible reactions.  So we are done with that!  I did make the mistake of opening my big mouth and asking what happens next.  Dumb dumb dumb.  Because, of course I was told the 9-12 months and possibly more with the next vaccine she will start in three weeks.  So while I was celebrating where we are and having almost had an extra 5 months with her so far I was very upset with hearing the worst case scenario.  I talked to Sue, (tripawd Nova’s mom) and she reassured me and reminded me of all the things I know.  Live in the moment – Just like Jessee is doing.  So, we are.  Another friend reminded me of what all dane moms already know, lifespan.  Jessee is now 8 years 9 months old.  She has been through alot in the past 5 months and she is doing spectacularly well.  So although it’s easier said than done, I’m going to quit thinking ahead and just enjoy every minute of every day we are having…   Trying to upload the video of Jessee running yesterday afternoon.  She is so happy and just lovin life!

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