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Happy Black Friday

Jessee says Hello

We are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of becoming a Tripawd.  Jessee is having a few issues at night with some shaking/shivering. She’s not cold but almost like anxiety attacks ???  She is now on two Gabapaten 300 mg am/pm plus one Amatadine pm.  We see our vet on Wednesday (except I have jury duty so dad is taking her).   Checked with my vet too make sure I’m not overdoing it on the meds and she said at 107 lbs we are ok.  Appetitie is still very strong, alert and engaged, walking, jumping and trotting.  No new bumps or lumps.  Enjoying every single day this process has given us together.   Meeting some very special people via Tripawds.  Miss Lacey just became a Tripawd about two weeks ago.  She is doing really well now.  We’ve decided to become “sisters” from different parents.  Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!


HAPPY NOVEMBER 15TH to everyone!

Why? because my Diva Dane now officially known as my Tripawd Diva Dane is celebrating her 11 months as a tripawd.  What better way to celebrate than some fresh cooked pumpkin on top of a big scoop of our oncology diet, yummy.  Then a desert consisting of a small vanilla ice cream cup, hey gotta have a treat to celebrate this day.  Honestly, 11 months ago I just wasn’t sure we’d be here in this condition.  What a journey it has been.  Tripawds has been such an inspiration and source of hope for us.  Jessee continues to do really well.  She had some paw swelling lately but we did cool compresses and I have an Assisi loop as well as a cold laser I use.  After two days the swelling is almost gone.  She has a tendency to run and jump around when it’s porch time for beef cheek munching.  Last time she jumped over her large dog bed and made a bee line to the front porch.  The girl knows no limits!

So just wanted to share our celebration and pass on our milestone making it to 11 months of pain free good quality living!

She is wearing the same water resistant jacket because it’s been pouring here in WA.  Not stylish but it sure does the job!

Jessee’s doing great!


Greetings from Jessee.  We are rapidly approaching our 11 month anniversary of being a TRIPAWD diva and going strong.  Jessee is maintaining her weight and her energy really well.  She does get tired more easily but hey she’s NINE and she is entitled.  Please ignore the mess on the couch as the sphynx are wrapped up in that blanket.   We are still following the oncology nutritionist diet, ElleVet, Mushroom supplements and our Gabapten.  We have since added Adequan for her arthritis but Jessee continues to be the early alert system on our cul de sac letting everyone know if there is a disturbance in the air as she’s laying on the porch.

This is how a Tripawd girl obeys no jumping on the bed.  But it’s so comfy I need to be up there… with the cat beds that are supposed to discourage it. 🙂

The sphynx Jonesee and Joee love sleeping close to or on Jessee.  She is a heat generator.

Not very cooperative this year for Halloween so just stuck her witch hat on here and let her slide.  11 months ago I never would have guessed we’d be here and all would be well.  I asked our vet, honestly did you think this is where we would be last year after amputation.  She honestly answered I knew she’d do well with the amputation but no idea she would do this well.  She continues to amaze and inspire other large dogs that have had amputations.  And she wishes everyone a Happy Veterans’ Day.

JesseesJourney is brought to you by Tripawds.