The Birthday Girl

It’s been an exciting week.    Jessee turned NINE years young on August 1st.

She continues to do really well.  Maintaining her 102-105 depending on the scale.  Great appetitie, great attitude.  She enjoyed some peanut butter coated beef cheeks and some doggie vanilla ice cream for her birthday as well as lots of attention.  Her “brother” Jaymee turns 8 in a week and a half so we only do one peanut butter and carrot bday “cake” for both of them..

Here they are enjoying an afternoon nap with their suckie babies.

I have to admit on December 15th of last year I never would have imagined celebrating her 9th birthday,  We started with a one month goal of survival so we would have a chance to say goodbye.  Then we hoped for 3-6 monthgs based on the amputation and chemo treatments.  We then dared to hope for her birthday.  We are now enjoying every single day with her and fingers crossed for 10th bday!  Thanks for all the support TRIPAWDS gives to us all.