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Feeling Good!

Greetings from Jessee

Yesterday was swim therapy and she was a bit tired afterwards but totally recovered today.  She took a very short walk, without brace, mainly for a photo op!  She loves posing in her sweaters.  It’s been 11 days since last chemo treatment.  Next one is due on March 7th and that will make 4!

Two and a half weeks after that Jessee will be taking her first airstream trip as a tripawd.  She’s been travelling in it since she was 8 months old and really likes an adventure.  It will be a bit more challenging with her homemade food but we will figure that out as we go.  She is doing really really well.   The only medications she is on is an occasional gabapaten, her daily Ellevet and her Mushroom supplements.  And everything is working great.  She loves the homemade diet.  So, just wanted to say hello to everyone and say all is well in our neck of the woods!


Swim therapy in action!

This was yesterday in Port Orchard, Washington at Dr. Finn’s enclosed walk in beach therapy pool.  Jessee is not a big fan of getting wet.  This is her third session of floating in the warm water for stretching and massage.  All the swelling in front paw is gone.  Everyone feels it’s because of the lymphatic massage she’s getting as well as the Ellevet.  She is tired after the half hour sessions but not exhuasted.  I’m thinking of taking my other dane just as “upkeep” on his 7.5 year old body.  So happy we have such a good team oif caregivers for my kids.


Ramp shortly after becoming a tripawd

Shortly after Jessees diagnosis we realized she needed assistance coming down the shallow steps we have.  My husband quickly put together this ramp that allows Jessee easy access and she seems to really enjoy it.  Normally all these plants are in bloom and very lush looking.  But wanted to share this just for ideas for anyone.  It’s 2x4s and plywood covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting for tranction.  And of course Jaymee had to get into the picture too.



swim/therapy session

Happy Friday, This is from yesterday swim therapy session.  That is Alex with Jessee all set to hit the water.  She has a life jacket on and a special noodle necklace to make her feel safe and comfortable.  She did really well.  This was day two after chemo session three.  All good!  She was a bit tired last night but good appetitie and a happy girl.  working on posting the video!

That’s the enclosed swimming pool behind them

Happy Valentines Day to all the Tripawds

Another Jessee update. We had xrays and ultra sound scans last Wednesday after 2 chemo treatments and all look GOOD!  We are very optimistic these days but still enjoying each and every day with our tripawd diva girl.  We’ve had a bit of snow here in Washington over the last couple days but this morning we got the kids out and Jessee loved it.  She is doing better with her leg orthodic.  She will never wear it all day, as was originally the plan.  At 8.5 years of age that is just not her life style.  She’s a lounger.  She moves between beds and couches during the day and really has nominal outside activity except for her three meals (which are devoured), potty breaks and then the orthodic goes on for the walks.

Jessee continues to do really well with the swim therapy.  Last visit she walked into the beach entry pool and swam off into the deep end.  After therapy she is so relaxed.  Any foot swelling is gone and you can just see how good she feels.  So valuable to have a rehabilitation veterinary specialist working with her.

She’s back to being picky about her Ellevet treats, but I just chop them up and put them in her meal at noon and she’s fine.  I believe that they are contributing to the reduced swelling in here foot also.

She is due for her next chemotherapy appointment on Tuesday and she will get a shot of anti nausea medication prior.   But overall she is doing really really well and we couldn’t be happier.  It’s been one day short of two months since she became a life loving tripawd. Happy Valentines day to all the Tripawds out there!

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