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After first chemo

Happy Wednesday!  Yesterday was a long day meeting the oncologist for the first time.  Jessee had her first treatment with carboplatin and had her stitches removed.  She left a happy girl with a new chemo bandana and a suckie baby toy.  So far so good!  She ate dinner last night and breakfast and lunch today.  Fingers crossed.  Bowels are a bit soft today so will need to watch that.  Oncologist also recommended she get started on 5 Defenders Real Mushroom capsules.  So we started those today.  We are also pursuing a oncologist nutrition consultant for a optimal diet for her.  We already make her an organic chicken stew (actually both the danes) so a bit more cooking is no big deal.  The next two weeks will be bloodwork each Tuesday and then the next carboplatin treatment.  The oncologist told me the vaccine that will be produced from her cancer cells is not a proven treatment so they will do the full course of the carboplatin first and then she will receive the targeted vaccine after.  She was a little bit lethargic last night but I guess that’s to be expected.  Her seromas are all gone from the surgery, all the discoloration on her stomach is gone and her front right foot has reduced swelling.  I guess overall she’s in pretty darn good shape considering.  Just wanted to share.  I’m so so so glad we amputated when we did.  It was only 8 days from diagnosis to amputation and its just so good not to see her in pain.

3 thoughts on “After first chemo”

  1. Such a pretty girl, we love seeing Jessee, share her with us anytime!

    Your oncologist sounds GREAT! I love that she is open to mushrooms and other nutritional support. Please do share with us what you learn, it’s super helpful (I hadn’t heard of that brand of medicinal mushrooms, so thanks).

    Keep up the pawsitivity, and hoppy new year! Cheers to many great times ahead for Team Jessee 🙂

    1. Thank you for Jessee comments. Oncologist, Dr. Rizzo, told me they haven’t been able to determine which type of mushrooms work best for which types of cancer, this brand has five different ones as well as none of the mushroom parts that grow underground, she told me you don’t want that. Started a small blend of blueberries, broccoli and kale, blended it all up and will add a bit to her three meals a day. Oncologist was really pushing for those items to get into her diet as soon as possible while waiting for nutritionist to make a meal plan for her for us to follow, all homemade of course

  2. Hello gorgeous!! Yes, sou ds like he’s handling her first dose like a Champ! A little tiredness is expected, especially after a long day.
    Love an Onco who supports nutrition and supplements like mushrooms, etc.

    Give that beautiful girl a smooch for us! You’re doing a great job!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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