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Missing Jessee

Well, it’s been a very, very hard 9 days since we lost Jessee. No second guessing as it was the right thing to do for Jessee. We’ve all cried buckets of tears. The gorgeous flowers were sent to us by another Tripawd mom, Amy, who has Lacey. Beautiful girl and a cancer warrior. In the meantime we have been getting Jaymee off the couch and moving. Taking trips every day with us, walking at the beach and nice long walks each day. For the first time in a week he picked up a suckie baby yesterday and played with it a bit. Our entire existence has changed.

In the meantime the fun and games continue for the felines

When all else fails, sit in a box

February 1, 2023 R.I.P. Jessee

Have not posted much this past week with Jessee. She had a fantastic accupuncture session with Dr. Allen a week ago yesterday. Two days later she starting having leg issues. She had lost a couple pounds we thought but was still eating. Then things started to deteriorate rapidly. Lots of trouble walking even with support of the double handle harness. Appetite was hit or miss. We kept hoping for another one of her comebacks but also tried to wrap our head around the reality of a ten and a half year old dane on month 25.5 as a tripawd.

Last night at 3:45 AM we decided today would be the day we would say good bye to our baby girl. She couldn’t walk even with assistance. But she had a can of chicken, hand fed of course this morning. Later a can of Evangers beef her favorite of all time. A small bag of chicken treats laying on the front porch barking at all the dogs going by. She was on new pain meds but we knew there was not a comeback this time. Our amazing Dr. Allen and staff moved their schedules around this afternoon to come out to our house and euthanize Jessee here with Jaymee and Joee and Jonesee around her. We had calming doggie music playing, a candle and she was all snug in her bed with all the harnesses and help me ups finally off. My husband and I had been crying all day so we were well prepared. Dr. Allen did a quick evaluation and said she suspected the cancer had returned based on how her muscle mass had changed in just one week. We knew.

The pictures below were when she was resting prior to Dr. Allen’s arrival. She told us it was time and we knew. Dr. Allen verifying for us left no doubt in our minds. It was over very quickly and our hearts are broken. But we had an extra 25.5 months with her. Originally we were hoping for maybe a week to say goodbye. We were so so so lucky. This happened so quickly which we are thankful for as Jessee was doing the things she loved up until the last couple days and then modified even more so for her. We are truly heartbroken but we knew it was the right thing to do for our baby girl, Jessee the cancer warrior and diva.

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