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February 1, 2023 R.I.P. Jessee

Have not posted much this past week with Jessee. She had a fantastic accupuncture session with Dr. Allen a week ago yesterday. Two days later she starting having leg issues. She had lost a couple pounds we thought but was still eating. Then things started to deteriorate rapidly. Lots of trouble walking even with support of the double handle harness. Appetite was hit or miss. We kept hoping for another one of her comebacks but also tried to wrap our head around the reality of a ten and a half year old dane on month 25.5 as a tripawd.

Last night at 3:45 AM we decided today would be the day we would say good bye to our baby girl. She couldn’t walk even with assistance. But she had a can of chicken, hand fed of course this morning. Later a can of Evangers beef her favorite of all time. A small bag of chicken treats laying on the front porch barking at all the dogs going by. She was on new pain meds but we knew there was not a comeback this time. Our amazing Dr. Allen and staff moved their schedules around this afternoon to come out to our house and euthanize Jessee here with Jaymee and Joee and Jonesee around her. We had calming doggie music playing, a candle and she was all snug in her bed with all the harnesses and help me ups finally off. My husband and I had been crying all day so we were well prepared. Dr. Allen did a quick evaluation and said she suspected the cancer had returned based on how her muscle mass had changed in just one week. We knew.

The pictures below were when she was resting prior to Dr. Allen’s arrival. She told us it was time and we knew. Dr. Allen verifying for us left no doubt in our minds. It was over very quickly and our hearts are broken. But we had an extra 25.5 months with her. Originally we were hoping for maybe a week to say goodbye. We were so so so lucky. This happened so quickly which we are thankful for as Jessee was doing the things she loved up until the last couple days and then modified even more so for her. We are truly heartbroken but we knew it was the right thing to do for our baby girl, Jessee the cancer warrior and diva.

12 thoughts on “February 1, 2023 R.I.P. Jessee”

  1. I’m stunned. My heart shattered when I saw this, and I can only imagine how you are feeling. I’m so very, very sorry!

    Right now I just don’t have any words that can do her legacy justice. She has meant so much to all of us, and for many more to come. What an inspirational girl from the beginning, and so loved and treasured by you, and all of us.

    We are here for you my friend. Please lean on us and know that we are keeping you in our hearts. Our deepest condolences are being sent across the miles.

  2. Ya’see, that’s the problems. “There are no words to do her legacy justice”.
    So for now, I’m just coming back. Going to her vlog, staring at the screen, crying some more and then logging out.

    Jessee would .ove this analogy, but I think it’s almost like Queen Elizabeth. Her legacy touched literally everyone across the Globe. She was loved by everyone even though many she never met. Although we knew her earth life would come to any end someday “soon”, we were all still shocked when that day came. It’s as though we thought she would live furever. I think on some level we felt the same way about Jessee💖

  3. SHE was our inspiration! I followed her journey from beginning to end and she will forever be in my memory as the WARRIOR PRINCESS! RIP, but know that there are those who never met who love you and will never forget you.

  4. It’s been a couple of days now and I still cant come back here without tears. I know Diva Jessee would want us to move from sad tears to happy tears to celebrate the spectacular earth life she shared with us….with you….with all who had the privilege of “knowing” her. She clearly was beloved by all the Vet team who had the honor of caring for her and always ensuring her quality was at the forefront of every decision.

    It’s so hard to adequately express what an inspawration Jessee is, and shall always be, to anyone kn this journey. She proved extra “large” dogs can thrive on three. She proved that, even when more “health issues” showed up, she wasn’t ready to give up, nor were her hoomans. Aside from being a “senior” for a big dog and thriving in three, she blew stat6 sky high ! She absolutely obliterated every preconceived “medical notion” about large dogs, “mature” dogs, ‘average timefreames”, etc, etc.

    The positive impact that legacy of hers cannot really be put into words. I guess the most simple word would be “hope”. She gives everyone hope on a journey that often deflates people and caus them to lose hope.

    The joy we all have had following her on this journey will never leave. And those pictures, those pi5c of thos magnificent Diva Jessee, always made us smile.

    Again, I am coming back, but wanted to try and at least find a few words to honor this girl.

    With love and light,
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth was at the Rainbow Bridge with her Corgis to greet the “other” Queen.

  5. Jessee was an amazing fur baby raised by two amazing parents. I will always have great memories of Jessee. Jessee was Belle’s first play date, remember the size differents!!
    It’s not easy to deal with. Sending hugs as I feel what you two are going through.
    Friends forever,

  6. Linda, I’m so sorry for your families loss. I have known your sweet baby through Facebook but I think all of us Dane Moms feel pain when another has a loss so profound. Thank you for sharing your sweet babies! Jessee was a true warrior and will leave a mark on many! We are sending our love and deepest condolences.

  7. I’m new here my baby girl Nova will be having surgery on Wednesday I’m sooo heartbroken and reading this my heart breaks for you I’m soooo sorry for your loss xo

    1. HI, sending love and prayers for Nova and you. As heartbroken as I am right now I think what I’d like to say about Jessee is we were able to have 25 extra months with her. Not nearly enough, but way more than we initially thought. She did amazing and the difficult journey at times, was so worth it.

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