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A white Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone.  The first pho0to is Jaymee, Jessee’s “brother” and he loves a good romp in the snow.  We got 8″ here in Sequim WA which is a lot for us.  Jaymee had a great time.  Jessee is not a big snow lover.  Made a great video of her and Jaymee on the front porch but I always forget how to upload from YouTube.  In the meantime,  it was a wonderful holiday and we enjoyed every single minute of our second post amputation with Jessee.  She continues to do really well.  The Xanax Jessee has just before bed time has completely resolved her shaking that she was doing late at night.  We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday and all our fellow Tripawds are doing well!

Happy one year Ampuversary to me!!

Happy one year Ampuversary to me

WE DID IT!!  We celebrated our ONE year ampuversary on 12/15!  It’s been a year full of tears and smiles and enjoying life.  So to make our day special mom made me a carrot and peanut butter cake with a big bone on top.  No photos of the cake cause me and Jaymee grabbed the bone immediately!  We don’t do a lot of treats in this house cause we stick pretty close to the oncology diet to keep me slim and trim.  But I was so excited I was jumping around to get my share of my cake.  Mom was not sure we would have another Christmas together this time last year.  But I’m feeling strong, happy, engaged, active and loving my life as a 9.5 year old Tripawd Diva Dane.  Mom went crazy with pictures so here they are!  My brother Jaymee got to share my cake cause he’s my buddy.  

Approaching the ampuversary

Greetings from drippy Sequim

We are three days away from our ampuversary.  Jessee knows she is not supposed to jump up on the daybed.  I usually have cat beds sitting on the bed to discourage her, ha ha ha.  But Jaymee jumped up then moved everything around and my Tripawd diva dane decided she was gone park her butt up there too.   Which is actually ok with me cause she loves snoozing up there.  We just get down in slow motion so we don’t put any strain on that front leg.  She continues to do really well.  Healthy appetite, she just ran through the house chasing Jaymee who had the suckie baby she wanted.  I will be making the peanut butter and carrot doggie bday cake to celebrate on Wednesday.  I can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly.  This time last year we were waiting to see the surgeon for the evaluation and get clear scans to proceed.  Never dared to hope for an whole year so this celebration I’ll start planning for her 10th bday next August.  My cancer warrior diva.

Forgot to share about the Great Dane diva shaking

Hi, forgot to share this little tidbit from my vet.    Jessee has always been super sensitive to some noises and becoming more so since chemo.  The oncologist had told us there were studies in humans using the same chemo (carboplatin) that suggested increased hearing sensitivity but none documented in canines.  It has gotten worse over the past few months to the point that Jessee will start shaking and panting usually late at night.  It can last from a few minutes to an hour to get her calmed down.  Dr. Allen told us a story about a small dog she had treated years ago that was having noise sensitives to a certain decibel range.  We know Jessee hates the ding on cell phone messages.  Even if a cell phone on a TV program goes off she gets extremely upset.  Jessee had been on Xanax years ago for traveling anxieties and Dr. Allen suggested we try a low dose of that again due to the anti seizure properties of it.  That combined with her evening Gabapten, we hoped, would keep her calm.  Well it’s been 4 nights and no panting or shaking with a .25 dose of Xanax.  I don’t want to overdo the medications but I certainly want her to be comfortable and not go through those little episodes.  So for the time being, this is what we are sticking with 🙂

Don’t know if this is a recommended treatment or not but so far Dr. Allen has solved each and every problem that has come up for us so we are pretty happy to be able to keep our Diva Tripawd dane calm and free of those episodes.


Hello Everybody or anybody!  Yesterday Jessee had a check up with our regular amazing vet Dr. Allen.  Got an overall exam to see how she is doing 50 weeks since becoming a Tripawd. Jessee bounded into the vet’s office to see Dr. Allen and was very happy and attentive and alert.  Just like all 9.5 year old Tripawd Danes should be.  Jessee is maintaining her 105-107 lb weight, her eyes are clear, her heart sounds good, her old lady bumps have no changes to them, lymph nodes felt good, incision looked good, foot swelling gone (thank you cold laser).  So I asked Dr. Allen, 50 weeks ago did you think we would be here.  Dr. Allen, who is known for her honest answers, said I have seen quite a few dogs survive osteosarcoma to this stage BUT I have never seen one in Jessee’s condition.  She further said if Jessee was coming to see her for the first time she would think Jessee may have lost her leg due to something other than “C” because she looks so good and she actually said FANTASTIC.  I am elated.  First because this past 50 months have been hard, no denying it.  But we have had an extra 50 months and she continues to thrive.  Not just survive but thrive!!!  Dr. Allen really feels the Toragen as well as the oncology diet and the supplements we are using is contributing to Jessee’s success plus the fact that she is a TRIPAWD CANCER WARRIOR GIRL.  So proud of her!!!

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