Good days continue for Jessee

Greetings to whoever is out there!  The time is passing so very quickly.  Hard to imagine that Jessee became a tripawd almost ten months ago.  Jessee continues to do really well.  We are stating her on Adequan for her arthritis discomfort and we switched from Gabapaten to Amatadine for minor pain (arthritis).  She absolutely adores laying on her front porch with a beef cheek between her paws, overseeing anything on the street beyond.  Numerous visitors stop by to say hello to the big diva.  We’ve had a strange situation up her in the Pacific Northwest.  Our oncologist left the practice that had treated Jessee and there are no other oncologists within hours of us.  Additionally most vets in Seattle are not accepting new patients so it leaves a  huge hole for pet owners.  At nine years old we’ve made the decision to keep Jessee happy and comfortable and maintain the best life for her.  Our local vet is amazing.  She is the one who diagnosed Jessee last December and got us on our path to becoming a tripawd and pain free.  But in reality, Jessee is nine and she has arthritis in her right rear leg and possibly an old injury of some sort.  Being a tripawd is taking a toll on her also.  Jessee is very alert and engaged, has a crazy appetitie and is and loving life.  She still runs after birds and jumps up on the bed.  But, because of the vet situation and Jessees age we are just going to live in the moment with her and enjoy each terrific day we have.  She has given us so many more than we thought possible last December.

The Birthday Girl

It’s been an exciting week.    Jessee turned NINE years young on August 1st.

She continues to do really well.  Maintaining her 102-105 depending on the scale.  Great appetitie, great attitude.  She enjoyed some peanut butter coated beef cheeks and some doggie vanilla ice cream for her birthday as well as lots of attention.  Her “brother” Jaymee turns 8 in a week and a half so we only do one peanut butter and carrot bday “cake” for both of them..

Here they are enjoying an afternoon nap with their suckie babies.

I have to admit on December 15th of last year I never would have imagined celebrating her 9th birthday,  We started with a one month goal of survival so we would have a chance to say goodbye.  Then we hoped for 3-6 monthgs based on the amputation and chemo treatments.  We then dared to hope for her birthday.  We are now enjoying every single day with her and fingers crossed for 10th bday!  Thanks for all the support TRIPAWDS gives to us all.

Clear scans! Woo Hoo

On June 30th we had xrays and scans!  All clear!!  Celebrated with a beef cheek and a nice suckie baby nap.  Will be doing rehab with our vet every two weeks as Jessee does has some arthritis we are dealing with.  She will be NINE on August 1st so she’s entitled 🙂  She loves the massages she gets with Dr Finn and Alix.   Will also be checking into other treatments to keep her comfy and well.  Mom was sweating this one.  Not sure why but was really nervous.  Jessee also gets to increase her food a bit cause this girl has a metabolism to make anyone envious.

and a photo bomb!


We are happily celebrating Jessee’s six month anniversary today after becoming a TRIPAWD DIVA DANE!  She celebrated with some time on the front porch with her brother Jaymee eating beef cheeks (made in USA of course) no rawhide or imports for these kids.  She has completed all six chemo treatments, and all four Toragen injections.  She’s a very happy girl.  Next up, scans on June 30th.  Her appetite is awesome as usual.  Love every day we have with her.  I can’t believe six months has gone by so quickly.  However, I do remember six months being so frightened.  A big shoutout to Tripawds for information and helping me get through the scarey times.

And a big hello from Jessee who will be turning NINE on August 1st.


A little bit of a scare

Greetings from Jessee

We had our third Torigen shot on Tuesday (6/1) and did very well.  But ever vigilant tymom noticed a little tiny itty bitty bump on my left side way behind the incision.  So of course we had Dr. Rizzo (our oncologist) biopsy it.  It had some “unusual” cells so off it went for an analysis.  It was a tumor (ick) but it was benign (yay).  The plan is to just keep watching for any changes.  Since I’m a 105 lb lap dog mom rubs my side and joints and legs all evening long.  She picks up on something pretty qucikly.  No need to rush in to extract it.  In fact we all prefer no more anesthesia for awhile!  So mom will just watch it but I sure did give her an0ther scare for sure.  Other than that I’m a very happy Tripawd coming up to my almost six month anniversary of becoming a tripawd.  And not to mention my birthday on August 1st of turning NINE…   Licks and wags to everybody