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Getting by

Well it’s been 11 long weeks since we said good-bye to Jessee. Still miss her everyday and so thankful for all those days we had with her. Wouldn’t change one decision we made.

Within a few days of losing Jessee I felt the intense need to get approved as a foster mom for a dane. None of us were too sure if it was too quickly or not but the pain of losing her was really horrible. Jaymee would barely budge off the couch. Long story short, I got approved. And, a female Great Dane, 2 years old appeared. She is good with other dogs and cats (our Sphynx). Her name was Charlie but we had a Charlee who was our first tripawd, so we modified her name to Carlee. She is a gorgeous brindle like a prior rescue we had.

The only problem is upon meeting here I was a foster failure. Then and there. Brought her home and the rest is history. Needed this to heal my broken heart and I think she needed us and much as all of us needed her. Here’s few pictures of her and Jayme and a chuckle. Stay well everyone. Live in the moment and enjoy each day!

2 thoughts on “Getting by”

  1. Awww what a hoppy furmily again! Of course you needed her! And she needed you. What a lucky girl! Thanks for stopping by, we’ve missed you and think of Jessee all the time 🙂

  2. Got a few happy tears. Ues, you needed her and she needed uou. And clearly the same os true for Jaymee.
    I have thought of yoi soooo often. I would get ready to email you, but just was at a loss for words. Anu words I could come up with seemed so empty…so futile. I truly missed all the Jesse updates and her magnificent photos. She was such a part of our lives and we always loved cheering for her and all the miracles she performed! Pleas know we reference her a lot on the site and always will. Such an inspiration.

    And now to know she has sent you Carlee jas made my spirits soar! I am over the moon Happy! And her photos…..OMD!! Truly a majestic, big headed, smoochable jowls Great Dane. And her coloring is spectacular.
    The picture of she and Jaymee together seemed so natural. They were meant to be together at this point in their lives.
    It makes me so happy to know we will now be following Carlee on her journey with the best hoomans and most loving home a dog could ever have. That’s why Kessee sent her to you ao she could experience that.
    Do you know why she was at the shelter?
    And yes, I did an audible chuckle when I scrolled down to the photo of the two Sphinx…..more like LMAO! You have to alwaus include a photo of these two at the end of uoir post as an exclamation point!

    Okay, can”t wait to hear more AND see more pics! So excited to be following Carlee and Jaumee too!
    Lots of love to all♥️♥️♥️
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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