Swim Therapy

Greetings.  Swim therapy from Friday.  The rehab vet notes from this session stated that Jessee is “more opinionated” this session.  LOL that’s my girl.  She has some stiffness in right front leg as well as spine that we will be getting some laser treatment on.  Dr Finn said it’s common to see in a tripawd especially at her weight (109 lbs).  But overall still doing good and ready for chemo number four tomorrow.   Just for information the water is between 88-92 🙂

Jessee keeping up with the Jaymee

Hello everyone!  Today feels almost like spring here in the Pacific Northwest.  Wanted to share a short video of Jessee having a difficult time (ha ha ha) keeping up with Jaymee.  My tripawd diva has no limits.  She does what she wants to do when she wants to do it and that includes running.

Jessee continues to do very well and we are headed to swim therapy on Friday and fourth chemo on Sunday.