We are happily celebrating Jessee’s six month anniversary today after becoming a TRIPAWD DIVA DANE!  She celebrated with some time on the front porch with her brother Jaymee eating beef cheeks (made in USA of course) no rawhide or imports for these kids.  She has completed all six chemo treatments, and all four Toragen injections.  She’s a very happy girl.  Next up, scans on June 30th.  Her appetite is awesome as usual.  Love every day we have with her.  I can’t believe six months has gone by so quickly.  However, I do remember six months being so frightened.  A big shoutout to Tripawds for information and helping me get through the scarey times.

And a big hello from Jessee who will be turning NINE on August 1st.



  1. Congratulations fellow giant breed mama! I am going through the journey with my English Mastiff Hank. He is only 4 years old diagnosed in May and amputated a week later. Just had our second Chemo round yesterday. Other than being nauseous last night he is doing well.. It was a very rough road to five weeks! I was wondering where you get your cute outfits for your little queen I’d love to find something for Hank to protect his scar and look dapper. Was considering making my own but I am not sure I am that good at sewing I had only just learned to make masks! Anyway I love seeing your sweet dogs face and hearing her doing well. Much luck with the injections!

    1. thanks so much, nice to meet another big dog mama 🙂 Happy to hear that Hank is doing well. I think the beginning is sooo much harder. I tried to message you direct but I have no idea if that worked or not. We were at rehab vet therapy today for jessee getting her massage and treatment. outfits come from Etsy store pinknosedogclothes. they are terrific. I sew too but not worth the time or the effort for $45 with free shipping. the outfits use so much fabric and fabric is high quality 🙂 Hoping immunotherapy injections work! IN December we were hoping for a few more months, now I’m hoping for another 6 🙂 Can’t help it… Please stay in touch! Lynda

  2. Linda! I thought I commented, just want to say CONGRATS! One half year down, a thousand more to go! May Jessee have a thousand more ampuversaries and celebrations. She is AMAZING and we are so grateful for being part of your journey together. Thank you for inviting us to the pawty! Cheers to Team Jessee!

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