A little bit of a scare

Greetings from Jessee

We had our third Torigen shot on Tuesday (6/1) and did very well.  But ever vigilant tymom noticed a little tiny itty bitty bump on my left side way behind the incision.  So of course we had Dr. Rizzo (our oncologist) biopsy it.  It had some “unusual” cells so off it went for an analysis.  It was a tumor (ick) but it was benign (yay).  The plan is to just keep watching for any changes.  Since I’m a 105 lb lap dog mom rubs my side and joints and legs all evening long.  She picks up on something pretty qucikly.  No need to rush in to extract it.  In fact we all prefer no more anesthesia for awhile!  So mom will just watch it but I sure did give her an0ther scare for sure.  Other than that I’m a very happy Tripawd coming up to my almost six month anniversary of becoming a tripawd.  And not to mention my birthday on August 1st of turning NINE…   Licks and wags to everybody

2 thoughts on “A little bit of a scare”

  1. WHEW! Oh gosh those scares keep us on our toes don’t they? Sooooo glad it’s a non-issue.

    I can’t believe your six month ampuversary is coming up. WOW! Oh how we will PAWTY!

  2. We love B-9 around here!! AMD we loooove seeing pictures 9f Jessee💖
    Upcoming birthday and ampuversaries……cant wait to see pictures of the pawty♥️. Ice cream and cake too, right??
    Keep on keeping on sweet Jessee! You are such an inspawration to all figs, but especially big dogs👍
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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