Nobody told me I lost a leg!

Jessee has always loved the front porch.  She is a people watcher and loves to bark (greet) everyone who goes by.  Yesterday i let her come out on the porch for the first time since the surgery.  One leg up onto the cushion of the stool so she could get a better view.  Then a post at the front gate.  My heart just fills with so much happiness right now with these days we are having.

She seems to be pretty much all healed up.  True to advice I received here, I did need to put a soft cone around her head as at night she would sneak a lick at the sutures.  Stopped that really fast.  Sneaky girl.  But overall things are going spectacularly well.  So tomorrow is first chemo appointment.  Hopefully things continue the way they are.

morning of the surgery

This was such a scarey morning on Dec 15th.  Eight days earlier she had been diagnosed with bone cancer after we were treating a slight limp and swollen foot.  Never thought it would happen so quickly.  On the way out the door I wanted to get one more picture of that nasty leg with all the cancer in it.  Turned out the surgeon said it was the size of a small grapefruit.  OMG.  No wonder she was in such pain.  So I made my feelings known but writing BAD on that leg.  Then off we went for a 4.5 hour anesthesia and a 2.5 hour procedure.  Surgeon told us later it was really difficult but she got good margins and lymph nodes were clear.  She’s been such a good patient.

Surgery post This is about 8 days post surgery

Wanted to post these cause it was so scarey for me to see them.  this was the day we got the bandages taken off, which was last Monday or Dec 21.  She was such a good girl for the vets and was giving kisses and tail wags.  I thought I would be shocked but to my surprise I really wasn’t.  She’s still my sweet adorable diva dane.  She got her tripawd balance very quickly.  Probably because she had been in so much pain from that bad front left leg it must have been a huge relief to have it gone.  We were very fortunate from the time of diagnosis to the time of amputation was about 8 days.  It was a very long and painful 8 days for Jessee and us, but still it was quick with the holidays and COVID restrictions.  So thankful.

So she is healing very well.  She is walking really well.  Trying to keep her from doing too much which is interesting.  Involves alot of babysitting which is ok by me.  Having time with her is what it’s all about, painfree quality time!

girl chat soaking in the pool a few year ago

We used to live in Southern California and had a pool with a baja step, specifically for the dogs and grandkids.  Every day when I would get off work I would go outside and sit in the warm water with Jessee.  We would put on her lifejacket because she was so comfortable in it and we would sit there and have some girl time.  Such a fabulous memory with her