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DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! Jessee 19 month ampuversary

We are celebrating today!  19 months ago Jessee became a tripawd and got rid of that nasty cancer in her left front leg.  Lots of chemo and Toragen later she had a bout of spindle cell cancer earlier this year that was removed.  She now has a nodule in her lung that appears to be contained (fingers crossed) and she is feeling fine.  She is tolerating her chemo with no side effects under our current regimen.  She eats well, super attentive and engaged, adores her short walks and laying on the porch or in her elevated bed barking at the birds!  In other words, life is very very good right now and we are enjoying every minute of it.  Jessee has gained a couple pounds back after the initial diagnosis of lung cancer.  She will be turning TEN on August the 1st and we are planning a special birthday party for my cancer warrior.  I have no idea if she is approaching a record for giant breed older dogs being tripawds but she is going for it!  Anyway, wanted to share our excellent news and share with other tripawd warriors out there!  Hugs from Jessee and mom

2 thoughts on “DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! Jessee 19 month ampuversary”

  1. RIGHT ON JESSEE! You are a role model to so many, and a hero too. Despite the hurdles that have been thrown your way, you bounce back and keep on keepin’ on! WHEEEEE!

    Your life on 3 is proof that through the ups and downs of this disease, if you stay strong and focus on the here and now, it’s possible to kick cancer’s butt. Thank you for showing the world how to do it!

    Love you beautiful! Lots of birthday treats and smooches headed your way!

  2. HAPPY NINETEEN MONTH AMPUVERSARY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wish I could do a drum roll and orchestrate and Celebration Parade in your honor!🎉🥁🥁🥳
    I know we say it all the time, but you are such a miracle, such an inspiration, such a Beacon of Hope!! You are definitely blowing statics out of the water for large dog for any dogs for that matter👏👏👏
    Knowing that you are being you enjoying all the things you love to do lights me up like a Christmas tree🎄🎄 Loving your porch, “communicating” with the birds, just being YOU makes me so happy!!!
    And you’ve put on weight!! YAY!!! That means you get lots of steak and cake and ice cream for your birthday!!! In fact, you should get a head start and at least and cake and ice cream every night!!
    Of course, as wonderful as this update is, seeing pictures of your gorgeous, noble, self makes it all that much more wonderful!!! That mug, those jowls that strong stance….love everything about you🥰🥰🥰
    Much love to you and Jaymee and your hoomans
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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