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TWO YEAR ampuversary for the Cancer Warrior girl JESSEE

Out for a morning stroll today. WE are so proud of this girl. Two years ago we were absolutely devastated. Feel very fortunate we have the support from our vets Dr. Allen and Dr. Rizzo that we do in addition to great surgeons for both of her cancer surgeries!. Jessee is going strong and continues to do really well.

Not to mention ALL the support we get from TRIPAWDS. Information is so important when fighting this nasty disease .

The brother Jaymee out celebrating with us.

And just for a chuckle, here’s one of the brothers from a different mother/father.

It’s good news!

Well what a terrific day it is! Dr. Rizzo got the official results back from the radiologist as well as the bloodwork results. That nasty little nodule is staying the same size in Jessee’s lung, just hanging out there but not growing so YIPPEE. Her bloodwork is good so we will just continue on like we’ve been doing for gulp! almost TWO years now!

A good Dr check up

So yesterday was another accupuncture session. Jessee did great. Gained a lb as my girl likes to eat. She enjoyed the session as she laid there with needles inserted listening to us talk about her. Dr. Allen said she looks really good. She is maintaining her muscle mass so I think the daily walks, while they are short, are keeping her pretty toned. Spine muscles and rear legs appeared stronger than before. So I’m just a happy girl as is Jessee. Tomorrow Dr. Rizzo does X-rays!

The next two pictures of Miss Uncooperative today. No posing just some really good sniffing on these big trees. She loves that. They are full of squirrels and last year we had a bear up one of them. And finally Mr. Handsome bruiser butt Jaymee. Always up for a regal pose…..

Getting in the holiday spirit

We’ve had some very good days lately. Taking short walks on the grass, eating grass, barking at nothing in particular, good naps, good appetites, lots of love, just plain old good days. We get an accupuncture treatment tomorrow and see oncologist for X-rays and bloodwork on Dec 1st. In the meantime, we are enjoying life, although it’s a bit chilly up here.

After our little walk, Jessee decided to plop down in a nest of pine needles and just gaze about. Jaymee decided to stand guard over his big sister and protect her from whatever. Fingers crossed for good xray and bloodwork this week..

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