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Let the good days continue!!!

Well we are back to having good days again!!!  After getting the night time weird episodes under control (thank you Xanax) and adjusting the diet to whatever Jessee likes, all is good in our world again.  Seems that two 1 mg Xanax and the300 mg Gabapenten does the trick for her.  Has to be given at 5PM together then we don’t seem to have any issues at all.  Which is fantastic for all of us as they are really draining on us and on her I’m sure.  Why after 21 plus months she has decided she does not like her oncology diet, well, who knows.  All I know is that we are down to two meals per day instead of the three she has eaten for the last 10 years.  That’s ok.  And now we do a combination of things.  All super high quality, all balanced nicely and she woofs it down which makes me super proud.  I was chatting with a fellow dane owner the other day.  She has had many Danes over the years, whereas I have only had 2.  She was saying 9 years always seems to be a danger zone for these guys.  She has had some not even make it to 9.  Double digits a very big deal.  Double digits with amputation.. like WOW!  So, once again we are back to enjoying the really good days and they are right now!!  With her lung nodule under control, her eating back on track and these evening episodes stopped, well, life is just pretty darn good.   Below is Jessee on the front porch this morning barking at the geese flying over and letting the neighborhood know she is HERE!  Second photo is of her and Jaymee enjoying a Suckie baby moment.  They’ve been doing that forever!  Hope everyone else is having a good week now also!!!  Never lose hope!  The vets continue to comment about what terrific core strength she still has!!  that’s my baby girl.

3 thoughts on “Let the good days continue!!!”

  1. Okay,I can exhale now!! Been quite worried not having heard from you. I am soooo relieved to to know how well Jessee is doing!!
    You’be found how to work around Jessee’s “mature Great Dane issues” and are having success for her and for you👏I’m glad your friend could shed some light on how Hreat Danes “age”. And yeah, add being a tripawd, long met, large dog….. she is doing SPECTACULAR!!!!
    Hearing how she’s barking at the geese, enjoying her suckiebaby with BFF Jaymee is more proof Jessee is enjoying being Jesse! Such an amazing girl.
    The extra bonus of this good update is seeing her beautiful self , along with beautiful Jaymee, loving posing for the camera. Sich stunning puppers.
    Thanks again for the update and photos. Just thrilled with everything! Our miracle Diva continues to inspire!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. YEAH! Linda this made my day, thank you for sharing the terrific news. What a relief for everypawdy!

    And the photos…priceless!

    Go Jessee!

  3. So how is our Diva “baby girl” doing after being on the nightly protocol a bit longer now?
    The care you and Peter give her and they depth you go to advocate for her is so heartwarming!

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