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Jessee Update

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Thank you for the comments and suggestions.   I discussed all of it with our vet and our oncologist.  The consensus seems to be we don’t know what’s triggering these night time attacks.   It reminds us of Sundowners syndrome.  My father suffered from it towards the end of his life and the symptoms are just so similar.  We are no longer using the Ace or the Trazodone.  Both knock her out to where she can barely walk and becomes extremely disoriented into the next day.  Dead lifting 110lbs is bit much for us especially with three dangly legs.  Tried weighted blanket, made no difference.  Tried a “snoodie” to block out noise, made no difference.  Tried no TV, no difference.  No phones, no difference.  However her episodes are now starting between 7:30 and 8PM every single night.  Chemo nights or not, no difference.  What was working for five nights was two Xanax and one gabapaten.  Thought we were onto something and then last night at 11Pm the episode started again.  Heavy panting, unrest, some shaking, really wants to hit Peter (dad) with her front paw.  But the Xanax seems to be the best option for now.  Oh yes, we tried Prozac, no effect.  The chest xray and blood work from the oncology visit last week  were very good.  Lung nodule is staying the same with no spreading shown on the xray and not getting bigger.  However, the oncologist did tell me, Lynda, she is an old dog now.  At ten years and almost two months she would be considered an elderly dane definitely.  And almost 22 months as a tripawd is taking a toll.  She is now having issues with her rear foot.  Both doctors examined it and basically the toes are rubbing together and there is no fat there.  So we are dealing with that too.  She has also decided she will no longer eat her oncology diet.  No matter what adjustments I make to it.  So we are trying to find things she will eat.  Right now it seems to be a combination of freeze dried beef or chicken and a bit of canned Evangers  with some other good stuff I add in there.  She is skipping lunch which is alarming as she has been eating lunch since she was two months old.  So far her weight is maintaining but I’m expecting that to drop.  I’m preparing myself.  I don’t know that cancer is going to win here, actually I don’t think it will.  I think time is against her.  So, as usual we are enjoying every single minute of each day with her for as long as we have.  When speaking with Dr Rizzo she told me we have been very fortunate.  Some people do exactly what we have done and still do not get the extra time that we have gotten so we still feel very very lucky.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.  In the meantime, here is Jessee

This is the sore rear foot.

Barking at the dogs on trails behind our house.

Still munches on romaine

Knocked out from her double Xanax.


4 thoughts on “Jessee Update”

  1. Oh sweet Jessee. I’m sorry that these episodes started again. I agree, it does sound like Sundowner’s. Here’s one thought about that issue: we thought my elderly mom had it. She happened to be on Gabapentin at the time. We got her off the Gabapentin and onto other pain management modalities (acupuncture and cannabis) and she was no longer having those types of episodes. Maybe, just maybe, switching out the Gaba for something else might do it?

    She is a very blessed and lucky girl. There is no way cancer could ever “win” here because Jessee is still kicking it’s butt, and defies the odds with every breath. No matter what, cancer is NOT her legacy. I believe it’s her role in this world to serve as an inspiration to others facing this grim disease. She was sent here to give us all hope for better days, and we are furever grateful to be part of her magic.

    Sounds like you are managing as best as possible under some tough circumstances. ((((hugs)))) to you!

    1. That is very interesting!!! She already had the gabapentin tonight but tomorrow night we will switch it out. She is already getting acupuncture and 5 ellevet cannabis per day. thank you for you super kind words! Cancer will definitely not be her legacy. She has had three types of cancer (we think). Our oncologist is not ruling out the lung nodule is osteosarcoma from the leg, but no way to confirm without a lung biopsy and we are not going there! She has beaten each one with her fierce fighting ability! Jessee is and always will be a truly amazing creature that we could not love more if we tried. She has brought so many smiles to so many people. She is not done, not yet!!!! I’ll take those hugs thank you.

  2. JESSEE!! What in the world is going on beautiful? We all know you are unique one of a kind Diva with so much of your specialness. So it’s not too surprise g you are displaying some “uniqueness ” with this “challenge” no one can figure out.
    Without question though, your hoomans are leaving no stone unturned in trying to get to the bottom of this. As always, going above and beyond.
    Soooo, the better news is, you, yet again are defying all odds and continuing to inspire others. “How’s that you ask?”
    We already know you are a role model for really large pups everywhere when it comes to living life to the fullest on three. You continue to blow statistics out of the water when it comes to that crap disease. Yet again, inspiring and continuing to build your never expanding legend of what’s possible. Always, always a shining beacon of hope.
    You are breaking down the “normal barriers” when it comes to the “average” so called life span of certain. Breed, certain sizes, etc, etc.
    Of course yo u k ow, your Souls and Spirit are never ending and have nothing g to do with “earth life span”. Our earth clothes may wear out, but our Soul transcends on.
    So yeah, seems like you are dealing the “ravages” of being a very mature and seasoned Great Dane. Trust me, old age sucks and there is no cure….just treatment of “symptons”.
    And it does seem like your hoomans are on the right track for controlling that sundowner crap. This has to be so frustrating for you and your huooman. And yeah, the side effects, skipping lunch, etc…..rotten!
    The important thing to focus on is that, the major of the time you are still in full Diva mode enjoying yourself. Of course, posing for the camera so we can see your gorgeous self is very life affirming too!!
    Alright Jessee, you keep keeping on, and we all have no doubt you will continue to keep on enjoying being you!!!! We KNOW that to be true!!!!
    Lots of love and hugs and cheering for Jessee!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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