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And the Tripawd Cancer Warrior does it again!!!

Well the headline there says it all.  It’s been a week and a day since surgery to remove that nasty, ugly, spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma.  And this morning we just got the email from our oncologist Dr. Rizzo who said the margins are clear with no further treatment recommended.  Before the surger we were prepared to not do anything.  Thinking Jessee is 9.5 now and it would be too much for her.  But Jessee now doesn’t have to worry about that ugly mass on her side erupting or it spreading and affecting the rest of her happy carefree days that she continues to enjoy!  We are all doing a happy dance right now and celebrating with what else but a beef cheek cause that’s the fab right now for the fur babies.  Our pet insurance has continued to provide Jessee with excellent coverage and we are just so pleased I can hardly describe the feeling.  As always I’m closing this with numerous pictures of my special Tripawd Diva Dane Cancer Warrior..

Caught her in a mid shake 🙂

This is the incision yesterday morning. It’s beef cheek time wherever you want to eat it kids!!!

2 thoughts on “And the Tripawd Cancer Warrior does it again!!!”

  1. WHEEEE! Oh Jessee, you continue to leave us awestruck at your resilience, your health, and your amazing, wonderful team of hoomans who make sure you keep rockin’ life. YAY YAY YAY! This news made us so happy today. It’s such a relief for all of us to know one of our own here is stickin’ it to cancer…AGAIN!

    Love you girl!

  2. Goodness gracious Jessee! I hadn’t even had a chance to come back and fully celebrate how well you did after the surgery and here you are with more good news!! Actually EXCELLENT news!!! Truly SPECTACULAR news!!!

    Jessee really is a Tripawd Diva Warrior!
    AND so photogenic! Yes, I read quickly at first so I could scroll down and get my fill of Jessee and Jaymee’s smile making pictures. They melt my heart every time. And the one of Jessee in the middle of a Dane shake….so cute!

    She is such a Beacon of Hope, such an inspawration for everyone, but especially for very large “mature” dogs.

    Love that you let the Danes eat their treats anywhere they want! Their house, their rules! At least that’s how it is at “their” hoise…..they are gracious en to let me live there😉

    So happy for this update. Jessee rocks!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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