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This is a double ta da posting..

First tada!  Jessee celebrated 20 months as a tripawd yesterday and she did it in style with treats, and barking at the birds and the clouds and anything else that crossed her domain!

Second tada!  Jaymee her “brother” turned nine today!

and finally sharing a photo of our hairless brothers Joee and Jonesee getting a bath to make everyone smile

We are incredibly proud of Jessee.  She continues to inspire us and to just enjoy her life.  Tonight she is getting oral chemo treatment number 24.  Her X-rays this past Thursday with the oncologist showed no spreading of the nodule and it is staying the same size.  Ever onward!

3 thoughts on “This is a double ta da posting..”

  1. OH YEAH! The big twenty arrived and Jessee is still showing that she is the most victorious Great Dane Cancer Warrior EVER! CONGRATULATIONS!

    I’m so happy the x-rays were good too. WHEW! I hope you’re resting a bit easier.

    Hooray! And so nice of her to share her celebration with Jaymee! Hoppy Birthday kiddo! Cheers to many, many more. PAWTY ON!

    1. Oh thank you!! We are so incredibly proud of our warrior girl. I was sitting in the spa the night before the xray. Saw a meteor streak across the sky. Make a wish!! Got my wish, was hoping the nodule might shrink but I’m so happy it has not spread and is the same. Bloodwork was really good so we are all enjoying each and every day.. She shows absolutely no symptoms of having lung cancer. Her appetite is just as good as ever even the morning after her oral chemo, she will eat about 95% of her breakfast and a full lunch and dinner. Loving my kids

  2. YAAAAAAY FOR A DOUBLE TA DA!! That Jesse is truly a miracle doggy showing the world what’s possible!!
    HAPPY TWENTY MONTH AMPUVERSARY JESSEE!!! A “large size dog” rocking life on three who defies the odds in so many ways just reinforces every dog is different, every d0g is their own self and NOT a statistic! So glad her appetite is good too!
    As always. loooove seeing photos of Jessee and Jaymee….such gorgeous, stunning dogs. And got an extra bonus of Jonsee and Joee getting a bath…..definitely a smile making photo!
    Thanks for the double TA DA!!! Keep ’em coming!!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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