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WOO HOO Happy Birthday to Me – I’m TEN

So the day before my birthday mom decided I needed a fresh birthday bath.  We got buckets of nice warm water and a super nice shampoo and I got brushed and scrubbed and rinsed and I had my fill of my and her bath routine so I turned my back on her.. lol

However, I  then decided as usual I would “dig” my hole to China on my elevated bed.  Mom is trying to figure out how to upload the video of how graceful I look on three legs digging on an elevated bed.

After my bath it was time for a big heaping pile of organic romaine lettuce which is my favorite snack of all time.But the real humiliation was the purple birthday hat I got tricked into wearing.  Of course all my birthday treats more than made up for it.  My doggie ice cream and my freeze dried duck necks and turkey hearts etc.  Mom knows what I like.  I had a really good birthday and did chemo treatment number 17 nice and easy.  My birthday cake will happen over the weekend since Jaymee’s birthday is on the 16th.  But that video is coming cause it’s amazing to see what I can still do.  Loving life large as a tripawd of 105 lbs, 19 months into this journey and a whooping ten years of age!!!

2 thoughts on “WOO HOO Happy Birthday to Me – I’m TEN”

  1. The prettiest birthday girl around! SUPER DUPER CONGRATS AND HOPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JESSEE!!!!

    I don’t usually write in ALL CAPS but we are just so dang proud of you that we cannot resist. You make us dance and cheer and tell everyone who will listen about your story. You prove that nobody knows the future, that a book shouldn’t be judged by it’s cover (or size!) and that dogs are sooooo much stronger than we ever know.

    Keep fighting gorgeous! May you have many many more barkdays ahead! xoxo

  2. JESSEEEEE!!! Really? How can such a young little gorgeous gal be ten already???,
    Other than the bath that seemed to last furever, you had a spectacular pawty!!! All your birthday treats sounded scrumptious (from a dog’s perspective). Tickles me that “lettuce” is one of your favorite foods.😎
    And no worries about being humiliated about that hat…you wore it like the Diva Goddess that you are!
    You look so good in your photos👍 I don’t often see your pretty self from the backside like the picture of you on your elevated bed. Your “markings” always leave me in awe of how gorgeous you are. I loved seeing the coloring on the back of your ears. So unique……everything about you is unique!!!
    And nah, don’t be digging a hole to China, not a good place to visit right now I would love for you to dig a hole to Virginia though so I could smooch that gorgeous mug of yours. Maybe Jaymee could help you dig and I could smooch both of you!!😎
    You continue to inspire and have already made yourself a legend around here….and your legend is still growing and expanding!
    Thank you so much for inviting us to your pawty💖 And we look forward to more pawtying with you and Jaymee on the 16th.😎
    Much love to you sweet girl. We absolutely adore you♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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