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Surgery post This is about 8 days post surgery

Wanted to post these cause it was so scarey for me to see them.  this was the day we got the bandages taken off, which was last Monday or Dec 21.  She was such a good girl for the vets and was giving kisses and tail wags.  I thought I would be shocked but to my surprise I really wasn’t.  She’s still my sweet adorable diva dane.  She got her tripawd balance very quickly.  Probably because she had been in so much pain from that bad front left leg it must have been a huge relief to have it gone.  We were very fortunate from the time of diagnosis to the time of amputation was about 8 days.  It was a very long and painful 8 days for Jessee and us, but still it was quick with the holidays and COVID restrictions.  So thankful.

So she is healing very well.  She is walking really well.  Trying to keep her from doing too much which is interesting.  Involves alot of babysitting which is ok by me.  Having time with her is what it’s all about, painfree quality time!

2 thoughts on “Surgery post This is about 8 days post surgery”

  1. Yes, pain free quaility time is exactly what sweet “Diva Dane” Jessee! And Jessee is already show you having that bum leg go e was the eight decision. The fact that she is already adjusting to her new gait this early is a great reason to celebrate!

    The incision looks realky good! And that photo of her standing strong on three akes me smile. She is sooooo pretty, absolutely gorgeous!

    Keep the good updates comkng…and pictures of her pretty self too!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Awwww sweet Jessee, you are such a love. After all you’ve been through and you are still so sweet and gentle.

    Those are great photos and I agree, the incision, while big and scary, really looks healthy and on the mend!

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