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Greetings from Jessee

Jessee sends her hellos and licks and wags

Se just got back from a little airstream roadtrip to Oregon.  First night was at the Columbia River where she enjoyed some fresh air!

Second night we headed down to Yachats, Oregon on the beach.  Our rehab vet Dr Finn did not think Jessee would do real well  walking in the sand as she does get tired.  So we walked along the paths and back and forth to the grass area.  She smelled the ocean and watched the people

But on day three we had a pit bull that decided to make a run at her.  Dogs are not allowed off leash but this guy pulled away from the lady.  Jessee’s dad stepped in between them and the pit went after a different dog.  But needless to say we were concerned and really didn’t feel safe after that.  Jessee was also tiring out and not wanting to hop into the truck (tow vehicle) even with the ramp.  I think it’s just a bit awkward for her and we will revamp.  So she took one final sniff

and we headed home

A few days after returning home Jessee had her fifth chemo treatment.  She did very well.  Dr Rizzo has reduced her treatment dose slightly and is trying a new anti nausea medication.  Worked pretty darn well and by the next day (Monday) Jessee was feeling good again.  One treatment to go.  In two weeks we do scans (FINGERS CROSSED)

It was a nice little get away with the two danes and two sphynx, also a bit of an adventure.  Next post, new revision to orthodic to assist her diva walk!

8 thoughts on “Greetings from Jessee”

  1. Jessee! It’s so good to see you, we’ve been wondering how you are doing. Clearly, spectacularly! Your adventure looks like a good time (well other than the party crasher pittie!). I’m so glad you got to the beach and had fun with the pack. It really shows in your expressions. And your outfits are the BEST! Do tell us where you shop!

    Mom, I love that you consulted with Dr. Finn about her ability to go down to the shoreline. THAT is why we recommend that everyone sees a rehab therapist at least once, so they can learn these things. Sand is HARD WORK for even the most fit, spry Tripawds. Too many people don’t know this (we sure didn’t, back in the day with Jerry), and their pup goes to the beach and gets wiped out for days afterward. Your post shows that workarounds at old haunts you want to visit again are possible and you can still have a great time! Thank you for sharing.

    Paws crossed for continued chemo success and A++ lung scans too!

    P.S. You have GOT to meet our newest member, Tsuki. She’s about to become a Tripawd, and she also sees Dr. Rizzo and Finn! You are neighbors! I’ll send you an introduction via private message.

    1. Thank you. Didn’t mean to stay quiet for so long. Jessee started acupuncture the week before our vacation and of course the constant cooking we do to keep two danes fed w the oncology diet. Jessee’s outfits come from Etsy. A store called Pinknosedogclothes. She had no problem altering three shirts for Jessee and we have a mermaid one coming! Her cost is $38 to $42 which includes shipping! Really reasonable. We’ve also talked with Dr. Finn (rehab specialist) regarding overdoing it with Jessee. I told her I dont’ feel a need for Jessee to walk a mile a day. She’s a big couch potato. She gets out for two short walks a day plus her potty breaks and she’s fine. Dr. Finn agreed totally. No need to overdo it for her. Do what she is comfortable with and what works for her. More info to come

  2. One more comment here. Dr Finn said many people think after becoming a tripawd life returns to “normal”. And it does. But it’s also a new normal. Jessee just can’t do the long walks and really doesn’t need too. They told me tripawd owners get there dogs out there doing what they used to do and just really wipe them out. Jessee can do everything she used to do just a different version of it. She still loves going for walks, but shorter. Loves going in the car, but uses a ramp now. Loves chasing birds, but not for long distances. I’ve had my baby girl Jessee for almost FOUR months longer now than I thought I would and we are loving every single day we have 🙂 I still get a bunch of comments, oh poor Jesse, what a shame… I tell people that she is fine! she is loving life and enjoying it just like she used to 🙂 She doesn’t need any sympathy. She’s definitely not “poor Jessee” She’s go girl!

  3. Where did you get her awesome shirts? My Dane Walter just had his front left amp done and would love to have some good shirts.

    1. ONMG I just found you. Thank you. Jessee is a diva dane and likes to look her best 🙂
      PinkNoseDogClothes on Etsy. I’m ordering her the blue striped one today then will add some foo foo to it for her! they are so well made, wash well and she loves them. $42 for pink strip sunshit. $38 for pink and black stripe t shirt fabric. includes shipping. Best wishes and hug to your Walter. I hope he’s doing as well as my Jessee is.

  4. Hi there! So happy to see a big dog I can relate to with my newly tripawd English Mastiff. I would love to connect for the support

    1. HI, I’m Lynda, Jessee’s mom. She is my tripawd diva. Would be happy to share anything and everything we’ve learned on our journey as well as just to listen 🙂

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