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Did we say 23 MONTHS!!!!

It has been a pretty darn good week for my cancer warrior Jessee. We had another appt with our vet, Dr. Allen for a wet accupuncture treatment that went really well. Jessee just lays on a big cushion and lets those needles do their magic on her legs and spine. She is still maintaining her svelte 110 lbs with a good appetite. Last night was oral chemo #70. Still tolerating that really well. Having a few old lady age issues with our legs and the cold but otherwise life is still pretty darn fine. Dr. Allen and everyone who sees Jessee is just in awe of her hitting the 23 month goal and we are hoping we see the 2 Year anniversary this coming month. No reason to think we won’t. We are going to continue with the every two weeks accupuncture as it certainly seems to be working for Jessee and as a special bonus we get a little extra love session with our vet who does an overall check on her :). Jessee is clear eyed, engaged, alert, active, demanding, loving, well… she’s Jessee at the ripe old age of ten plus 3 months.

9 thoughts on “Did we say 23 MONTHS!!!!”

  1. acupuncture is amazing!!! I started doing sessions with my wonderful acupuncture vet with my old GSD 3 years ago…and will be continuing acupuncture with my new boy Dudley the rear leg amputee. I also do acupuncture for my 17 year old cat who is so receptive to getting the needles. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my GSD this July but ended up finding my little unicorn boxer/pitt/super mutt a few months later. We haven’t done a session with Dudley yet but have something scheduled for both the cat and Dudley in mid-December. My acupuncture vet comes to our town once a week and is hosted at a local vet clinic. He is booked solid because so many people need his services <3 He even does acupuncture on sea lions at the aquarium in Newport Oregon. I'm really hoping that Dudley stays true to form as his happy self and is able to get acupuncture. My GSD was a pacer and would not relax, until his back legs started to betray him and he had to lay down for half an hour.

    1. I agree Emily, acupuncture is something I wish more pets could get to have. It also helped our Wyatt Ray in his later years, and we’ve seen many good things happen to members who pursued this treatment. Oh and you and Jessee are practically neighbors, they’re just up the road in Sequim!

    2. HI, I totally agree I am a true believer in accupuncture. It has made such a difference for Jessee. Would not hesitate to do it for Jaymee (her dane brother) or my two sphynx. All about quality of life for her. Her rear legs are weakening due mainly to age and the stress of being a tripawd at 110 lbs. But the accupuncture definitely gives her some relief and she really seems to enjoy it. I feel very fortunate that my regular vet here locally does her accupuncture treatments. She is also the vet who discovered Jessee’s osteosarcoma.

      1. Dudley (my new to me amputee) gets acupuncture next week with my amazing acupuncture vet. I’m really excited because it helped my former dog so much! My vet has amazing reflexes and as he says he’s used to helping animals who are in pain so he doesn’t take the warning snaps as insults. He wasn’t willing to give me a discount since Dudley was missing a leg, ha ha! We have a really good relationship and similar sense of humor. He does love doing acupuncture on my little old lady cat as she just turns into a little potato and goes into zen mode for the entire session. He can get needles into her in less than 3 minutes. I’m so glad that Jessee is doing well, it is so scary dealing with a large breed dog and amputation.

        1. Thank you so much. It was extremely scary dealing with Jessee’s amputation and you just have to take it one day at a time. Never, ever imagined we would be here two years later. I’m so thankful for every single day. Sounds like you have a great vet! Jessee tolerates accupuncture very well. She basically lays on a comfy floor mat and watches Dr Allen put the needles in. Very involved in what is going on but sincerely I do believe she knows this helps her. Since Jessee is an older lady dane the tripawd issues have taken a toll on her three remaining legs. I definitely see positive results after each session. Best of luck to you and Dudley!

  2. Wheeeeeee! You did it Linda! You posted! YES!!!!

    Hoppy Ampuversary Jessee! Look at your pretty face, it’s sooooo good to see you today! We always knew you were a special girl from the day you joined us. You are the stuff legends are made of, and all of us here send tons of love and kisses your way on this miraculous milestone.

    We can’t wait to see what your people have in store for you next month!!!

  3. Smoooooching the screen! Oh my dear Jessee, I just love you and always love your photos! Celebrating 23 glorious months and heading for 24 and beyond is spectacular!
    Always so exciting to hear how well Jessee is doing, not only on three, not only overcoming “issues”, but also embracing her “seniority ” with such vigor. Truly an amazing journey she has forged for herself. Such a privilege to be on it with her👍
    Lots of love toJessee, Jaymee and her hoomans
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Ohhh thank you for those well wishes. Jessee has and always will be my diva dane. She loves her picture taken and gets right up in your face as she is trying to sit in your lap. We are so pleased with where we are and everyday we wake up and all of us, Jessee, Jaymee, Jonesee and Joee as well us parents are up and vertical is an excellent day. Always look forward to your comments about seeing her pictures :). big hugs and dane licks and leans back at ya.

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