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Chemo – check – all done!

Hello world!

Sunday April 25th was Jessee’s final chemo treatment # 6 – over and done.  Yippee.  Dr. Rizzo and the oncology nurse delivered Jessee to the car with her graduation hat!  Isn’t that just outstanding.  She is not a big fan of hats but does tolerate them.  So while she doesnt’t look too enthused she put up with the two photos.  Jessee did really well with this treatment with very little side effects.  Mainly just zapped out.  But no shaking and no other visible reactions.  So we are done with that!  I did make the mistake of opening my big mouth and asking what happens next.  Dumb dumb dumb.  Because, of course I was told the 9-12 months and possibly more with the next vaccine she will start in three weeks.  So while I was celebrating where we are and having almost had an extra 5 months with her so far I was very upset with hearing the worst case scenario.  I talked to Sue, (tripawd Nova’s mom) and she reassured me and reminded me of all the things I know.  Live in the moment – Just like Jessee is doing.  So, we are.  Another friend reminded me of what all dane moms already know, lifespan.  Jessee is now 8 years 9 months old.  She has been through alot in the past 5 months and she is doing spectacularly well.  So although it’s easier said than done, I’m going to quit thinking ahead and just enjoy every minute of every day we are having…   Trying to upload the video of Jessee running yesterday afternoon.  She is so happy and just lovin life!

2 thoughts on “Chemo – check – all done!”

  1. As always, Jesse’s photos of her gorge self jave me grinning ear to are!!

    And YAY for graduating from chemo and it’s all done!
    Absolutely follow the great advice to live in the moment and enjoy and treasure those moments! Let nothing interfere with your joyous time together……Jesse sure isn’t!! She’s just en6 being Jesse and soaking up all that glorious loving and spoiling you give her all the time!
    Thanks for sharing the good update and WONDERFUL pictures!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. That is the best graduation day outfit EVER! Super duper huge congrats Jessee, you knocked that cancer treatment out of the park. Take THAT you stinky butt mutated cells, you’re done for!

    I’ve been meaning to ask, WHERE do you get Jessee’s wardrobe? More than a few people have asked.

    Also, so I may have spaced but it was Sue who referred you to us eh? Wow that’s amazing! Queen Nova is certainly looking out for Jessee as her guardian angel. She couldn’t have picked a more pawesome partner to stick it to cancer.

    Yes, keep remembering to Be More Dog and know that right here and now is all that matters. Jessee is the best teacher for that major life lesson.

    Now, we can’t wait for more adventures guys. Get out there and enjoy spring!

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