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A new day!!

So I’m going to start with our sense of humor here in Sequim WA.  This is what I determined Jessee’s problem to be!  A Great Dane foot sticking out of the side of her head lol.  Just kidding of course, that’s how her brother sleeps next to her on the couch and apparently it’s just fine with her.

We got the radiology report today back from Dr. Rizzo.  It confirmed one nodule visible.  Nothing else.  Both the radiologist and Dr. Rizzo are in agreement it’s most likely a metastasis from the osteosarcoma, that nasty vile stuff grrrrr.  Her urine sample we had analyzed was clear, yay!

So on Thursday her new compounded meds to deal with this nodule arrived.  She is taking Sirolimus 4.8 mg (Rapamycin) once daily.  Two pills are in her right now cranking away.  So far everything is good.

This is how she spends the evenings, laid out on the couch with her electric blanket on low snuggled butt to butt with Jaymee.   She’s been a bit slow the last couple days but we actually had sunshine here in Sequim and she was laying outside on her elevated bed.  However, every time a bird flew over, a plane flew over or there was any noise she had to jump up and run across the yard to bark.  I think she’s just over did it.  She had a Assisi loop treatment today as well as a some nice leg massaging.  My girl wants for nothing lol.  Will keep this updated as we continue our journey. Feeling good for now!

2 thoughts on “A new day!!”

  1. Glad that those pils are inherently system”cranking away”….and she does even know it!
    And yes that photo definitely looked very weird at first.😱
    For a smoochable great big almost ten yr old Great Dane who has been on three for over a year now to “slow down’ a bit doesn’t surprise me at all. Nope, not at all. Although the fact that she jumps up and barks at anything and everything speaks loudly about Jessee enjoying being Jessee!!!

    Thanks for the uodate and photo (although a bit weird)🤪
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Aww that looks like a great way to hang out! She has mastered the art of relaxation!

    So one nodule is better than many for sure. Is the treatment Dr Rizzo is starting a new type of metronomic therapy? Would love to know more.

    She sounds like she’s definitely still being Jesse. Glad to see that. Enjoy the sun and follow her lead!

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