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Happy Valentines Day to all the Tripawds

Another Jessee update. We had xrays and ultra sound scans last Wednesday after 2 chemo treatments and all look GOOD!  We are very optimistic these days but still enjoying each and every day with our tripawd diva girl.  We’ve had a bit of snow here in Washington over the last couple days but this morning we got the kids out and Jessee loved it.  She is doing better with her leg orthodic.  She will never wear it all day, as was originally the plan.  At 8.5 years of age that is just not her life style.  She’s a lounger.  She moves between beds and couches during the day and really has nominal outside activity except for her three meals (which are devoured), potty breaks and then the orthodic goes on for the walks.

Jessee continues to do really well with the swim therapy.  Last visit she walked into the beach entry pool and swam off into the deep end.  After therapy she is so relaxed.  Any foot swelling is gone and you can just see how good she feels.  So valuable to have a rehabilitation veterinary specialist working with her.

She’s back to being picky about her Ellevet treats, but I just chop them up and put them in her meal at noon and she’s fine.  I believe that they are contributing to the reduced swelling in here foot also.

She is due for her next chemotherapy appointment on Tuesday and she will get a shot of anti nausea medication prior.   But overall she is doing really really well and we couldn’t be happier.  It’s been one day short of two months since she became a life loving tripawd. Happy Valentines day to all the Tripawds out there!

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day to all the Tripawds”

  1. Beautiful girl! It’s so good to see you getting out and enjoying the snow. Stay warm and hoppy Valentine’s Day to you too! You make my heart hoppy 🙂

    Yep, orthotics are meant to be an as-needed thing so you’re absolutely on the right track with using it. Great job and thanks for all the detail, it’s so helpful for others to know how things are going. Cheers to many great times ahead! Keep it up Jessee! We love you!

  2. Jesse is indeed, a “life loving tripawd”! Makes me soooo happy to hear how well she is doing. She is such an inspawration for big dogs starting this journey.
    We would love to see a video of her swim therapy. So glad she enjoys it and is so relaxed afterwards.
    That picture is so beautiful. Everything about it….the light in the sky…the way her head is framed by the tree ….the colors of the Nature that surrounds he, all make up a truly lovely photo.
    And HAPPY TWO MONTH AMPUVERSARY!! Keep em coming👍
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Thank you so very much for your kind words. Kinda hard to take a bad picture of my diva. She has a talent for posing 🙂 All I do is aim and click away 🙂
    Have not been able to get a video of her swimming due to covid restrictions and having to wait in the car. The rehab vet does give us an ipad to watch on her remote link to see her in the pool. She goes again tomorrow so will see what we can do. It’s so amazing to watch her in the water. She used to enjoy our pool but she is more mellow now and seems to enjoy this even more. Jessee is just so full of life and love. She is completely engaged and not showing any signs of slowing down! Again thank you for your well wishes as we are hoping for many more months with her but will take every one we can get 🙂

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