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OMG, Got up this morning and checked my calendar and noticed the 15th and it dawned on me!!  17 months ago today my Jessee became a tripawd.  Where has all the time gone?  Been loving on her every single extra day we’ve had.  She is doing so well.  She is getting accupuncture treatments every two weeks to help her neck and shoulder (from tripawd stress) as well as some rear leg help.  Has a fabulous appetite and is just doing very very well for an almost 10 year old dane (August 1st).  She still jumps up on the bed with a small stool to assist, runs and chases the birds.  Just living her life.  Here are some very recent photos from the last day or so..

This was taken last night

Also last night after she settled in for a nice suckie baby session

Couple days ago showing her latest incision healing

And this was Jessee and Jaymee at the vet for her treatment.  She knows this is to help her.  She just lays on her comfy cushion as Dr. Allen inserts the needles and she relaxes during the session.

For anyone wondering if it’s the right thing to do to amputate a leg on a large dog.  Please read my Blog regarding Jessee.  We have had 17 months so far and counting of extra time with Jessee we never thought we’d have after the diagnosis.  She is doing so well and had adapted like the superstar she is!!

3 thoughts on “17 MONTHS!!! WOO HOO – GO JESSEE”

  1. Awwwwww! This is the best news all week, all month, all year! She is just one amazing girl and so darn adorable. I love how sucking on the stuffies is one of her favorite pasttimes, and how she lays down so nice for her acupuncture. Jessee’s no dummy, she knows that the attention is helping her stay strong and feel good!

    Really, really happy for you guys. We share her blog often because it’s truly one of the most miraculous stories out there and we are so proud to be part of your victories with Jessee in some small way. THANK YOU for the great pupdate and adorable photos!

  2. How inspirational to read right now! We’re not even at the one week mark. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It does get better and usually very quickly. The first week is so intense and can be so difficult. Jessee adapted very quickly. She weighed 125 at the time of her surgery so we were concerned. She has maintained 107 since and her balance is fantastic! These guys are so adaptable. Jessee has an incredible will to continue with her journey. Going to post couple pictures I took of her yesterday. If I can help or share any information please let me know! Hugs to you and your baby.

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